Press Release November 3, 2017

New York, NY 

Luanne Asta signs distribution deal with R Legacy Entertainment

Releases new single, Be Still My Soul, available on iTunes and Spotify now

​LDS singer Luanne Asta has teamed up with R Legacy Entertainment to distribute her new album, Peace in the City, released in June 2017.R Legacy Entertainment is a leading distributor of LDS and Christian music; they are key in distributing LDS materials online and to Deseret Book.

“(I’m) super excited about signing with media giant R Legacy Entertainment. They provide source materials to the LDS community and I'm thrilled that they have signed me to their media family,” says Luanne.

Rachel M. Goates of R Legacy Entertainment says the company was drawn to Luanne's music not only for her obvious talent and impressive technical background, but also her unique personal story and the warmth and peace that comes through in her vocal performance.

“Her album of modernized hymn arrangements is like looking through a new lens at something we have long treasured and finding a perspective that is relevant to everyday life in today’s largely urbanized and often chaotic world,” says Goates. “R Legacy is always looking for quality music from artists who are driven to succeed.  From our first conversation, Luanne made it obvious that she was out to make a difference."

To celebrate her developing relationship with R Legacy, Luanne is releasing a second single, Be Still My Soul. The track holds a special place in Luanne’s heart, as it came to her at a time when she was looking for perspective and guidance.“An instrumental version of it came on the radio… and at that moment it really touched my heart and I really felt God's comforting presence,” she explains.  “The lyrics, ‘Leave to thy God to order and provide, in every change He faithful will remain,’ resonated in my being and I knew that even though there would be pain, that I would be OK, and that the Heavenly Father would help me. That definitely has been true and I'm so grateful for the peace and comfort I received in that moment.”

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